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I am a huge 357 fan and a big fan of heavy non expanding bullets as you described. I have shot well over 100 head of big game and was a guide for 9 years. I am also a terminal ballistian with over 100 projectiles in my collection that I have recovered from dead animals. I tell my crendentials to make a point which is, you should never be too firmly entrenched in an idea or opinion that you cant change course. I read and studied a man with vastly greater experence than I, who shot over 100 black bears with handguns. His take was that non expanding heavy bullets while killing the bear, did so little immediate damage that the bears simply shrugged of its effects till they finally surcumb to blood loss. However when shot with midweight soft points they instantly stopped trying to get at the hunter and instead concentrated on their wounds. He did most of his bear hunting with a 44 magnum but I believe a lesson can be learned from his experence. A mountain lion weighs about 150# and sometimes far less. I believe in a 357 magnum a good 125 grain hollowpoint might be the best defense. Buffalo Bore has a load that propells a 125 grain Speer Gold Dot bullet at 1700 fps from a 6" barrel. I would think this would be devestating on a 150# cridder at close range. Just my 2 cents.
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