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Just curious, what is the farthest you have shot?

Not trying to be argumentive here was just saying I understood your point. I have read the article along with many others and have been hunting since I was 9 years old. I would not shoot at any animal that I didn't think would be an inhumane or unethical shot!

Just curious, what is the farthest you have shot?
That's an open question...

Farthest kill 300 yards. Longest shot in the kill zone from a bench 400 yards and improving. So yes I know and understand the difference in firearms used for different applications. That is why I opened this and several other threads over the past few weeks. I'm looking for that one perfect rifle that suits multiple needs in the field. I don't need another bench or stand rifle. I want the best of both worlds in one sweet package.

Thanks for your input!
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