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I haven't been doing this very long but the #1 thing I was taught in my CC class was weapon security. I would think you wouldn't have to be a LEO to have this drilled into your head. The weapon never leaves your person no matter how inconvenient that may be. I can carry at work as long as the gun is never left unattended (like in a coat pocket hanging up at my desk). There are so many ways to CC that I would think this would not be a hard rule to abide by. I can see sometimes CC in a coat pocket but only when you can think ahead and as soon as the coat comes off the weapon goes on your person somewhere. Like Clint Smith says (and is quoted ad infinitum) - it's not supposed to be comfortable, but comforting. We may have a constitutional right to carry a weapon but that doesn't mean we can be stupid about it. If we want to be the good guys out there we have to take the time and effort to be responsible - ours, our loved ones and innocent peoples lives can end up at risk as a result of our carrying a firearm out into the public. Okay, end of the lecture.
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