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Like every other gun aficionado, I owned, and still do, several levers, but my serious hunting is done with bolts. I had a Marlin in .44 years ago, but traded it off, I forget for what. At present I’ve got a Marlin 39A, a 336 in 30-30 and a 94 Winchester in .375. They don’t get used much, except when the grand kids show up.

Yeah, loading and unloading levers can be a pain if you have to do it often. The rotary mag in the 77/44 is a snap. The open sights on it worked well, but old eyes found a scope better. I never liked the look of a scope on a lever either, although I’ve got one one the 39A to see those little bushy tails with.

So far the only killing I’ve done with it was a coyote sneaking around my chicken coop this morning. While not an adequate test it sure made the fur fly with a quite audible thump. Once I get it dialed in it should make a decent 75 to 100 yard rifle. Being stainless and plastic it should take living in the truck and the weather in stride. We’ll see. Still I gotta go find a big hog to test it on.
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