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Tricky Registration Issue

I live in Orange County, NY for reference purposes. I have the paperwork for my Pistol Permit, I just have one tricky issue to get past.

My Grandfather (now deceased) went overseas in WWII and came back (as many did) with a Luger P08. There is no paperwork to go with the gun, and all of the serial numbers are in-place.

A Family member is in possession of the firearm on the NJ/PA border. I would like to legally obtain and keep it for sentimental and display purposes, but I don't want to violate any laws. How can I go about getting the gun registered for legal ownership?

Any advice would be most appreciated. I had read in a previous thread that the gun could be brought to PA and shipped via a regular gun retailer to a NY retailer who would be bound to register it. If that's the case then: 1. Can my family member just take the gun to the dealer sans paperwork or license, and 2: assuming 1 is yes, can I use this gun to get my permit in NY?

Thanks very much.
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