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Just went to Natchez and Midsouth and prices are the same as Midways on the items that I AM LOOKING for. As far as shipping yes it sucks at times. All of us could go to various web sites and find products that are less in money than Midway, Natchez, Midsouth, Brownells.
Shipping is high for a set of dies as you stated. My order at Midway is going to be a little over a dollar more in shipping than your set of dies Swamp Yankee and I have 32 items. This is why everyone of us gets to shop and spend there money where they want to.

On the Midsouth site, 2 packs of cleaning patches, 1,000 patches per pack. not heavy in weight. $21.20 for patches and $9.17 in shipping, reasonable, hell no it isn't. Thats why I wait and put a large enough order together to make the shipping cost be off set by the number of products purchased.
Question, if you had a 30 mile ride to the grocery store would you drive the 60 miles round trip for say butter, milk, or bread or would you wait until you had a list of things to buy so the trip is more cost efficient?
To me its the same as gun parts and the situation being discussed
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