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I have been posting for a while but never taken the time to introduce myself.

I have been shooting as long as I can remember. I am a serious pistol shooter, reloader and a recreational long gun shooter.

My background is: Retired Army Reserve Officer whose specialities include Ordnance, Air Defense, EOD, and Intelligence. Civilian wise I have over 30 years as a Safety Professional in Explosives/Propellant and Acid manufacturing. I served as a Part time Deputy and HAZMAT consultant for an AR Sheriffs department. I left the SO as a LT training officer.

I shoot competively in my younger days. (If you can't shoot hardball you can't shoot) Now the sins of my youth (fast motorcycles and jumping out of Helicopters) do not allow me to shoot unsupported.

I live in Eastern AZ were I shoot as much as I want and scare the coyotes and prarie dogs.
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