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I didn't take the shot for fear of just wounding the second deer. If I had been shooting 180 grain bullets I might have been more tempted to take the shot. When I did shoot the larger doe, it was quartering away from me. I hit it in front of its right hind quarter. There was no exit hole. So I figure the bullet ended up in its frontal cavity or maybe its neck. I have now killed eight deer in eight shots with that rifle/cartridge combination. Six of them were broadside shots with entrance and exit holes. This is the second time that I took a quartering away shot. Both times I aimed in front of the hind quarter and had no exit hole. The first, a six point buck, and this doe both ran about 30 yards and went down.

I could have killed two this morning. When I killed the doe, two of the other four did not run off immediately. In fact one of them stayed around for about ten minutes.
By the way, it would have been legal. The limit here in Alabama is two a day.
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