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While hunting deep in the bedding growns of elk I spooked up a cow, which I had a license for. Swinging ahead of her running away I took the shot. At the shot I saw the bullet strike an aspen tree that was half way between her and me. I checked the tracks and sure enough, a blood trail. Following it @100 yards away I found a dead cow elk, perfectly lung shot. However breathing its last next to the dead cow was her calf, also lung shot. I had never seen the calf. Caliber was a 338 Win Mag and 250 grain Nosler Partitions. A tree and 2 elk in one shot. I did on purpose shoot 2 south Texas does with one shot. These little deer are smaller than an average German Shepard. Again same gun and load. My best however was skeet shooting. While in front of the low house I called for a pair of birds. I broke both with one shot and also an unlucky dove hit the ground as well. The only person with a triple in our club.
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