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tooltime, what the others have said is true. BUT, there is an inherent problem loading cast for rifles. Many of the 'best' loads are not even listed anywhere. Aside from learning from the masters, one of the greatest ways to exchange this kind of never before published data is by sharing on the internet. All of this has to be tempered with safety, though. A novice handloader and shooter can get in over his head real fast. So if you do not have alot of experience stick with the books, especially the Lyman Cast Bullet Manual and the RCBS manual. Be aware too that the shooting properties of lead, even different alloys, in the same barrel will yield drastically different results in terms of pressure, velocity, and accuracy. Many who try cast for the first time run into dismal failure and give up. Some don't. You have to be persistent. Try to find someone who is already experienced and is having success. The best thing about shooting cast, especially if you roll your own, is you get to shoot more. If you do start casting you really won't save any money, just shoot more. sundog
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