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Wish this wasn't being titled like this all over the net... It has nothing to do with a conversions fault.

This was almost certainly caused by 2 bullets being loaded into the case...a double charge maybe..but his load was very light so even a double charge (of his load) probly wouldn't have done this.

I can't beleve how many people don't know that the "44" designation is NOT the same as the 44 (.429) of today...all of these Remingtons ARE 45's...NOT 44's

I just had a guy bring me a bunch of rounds (to reload) that he had been firing through his Rem conversion...when I looked at the cases they were all expanded clear out and I looked at the headstamp and they were 44mags!!!!!!!!! Guess the "44" on the barrel confused him Good thing all that pressure just blew by or he could have had troubles.
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