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But you are still putting a .452 diameter bullet in a case designed for a .429 diameter bullet and then jamming it into the cylinder
What are you talking about?? Where does a .429 case come in at? The cylinders are chambered for the .45 colt round, not a .44-40/special/magnum/russian(.429)
I don't know anything about these conversions
I can see that. The standard size round ball used in a .44 C&B revolver is anywhere from .451 to .454. I use .457s in my dragoon .44s. This is why a C&B .44 is converted into a .45. The bore is the same. There is no problem with the conversion. He said he was using hand loads. My guess is, that is where the problem lies. These conversion cylinders have been around a long time and are quite popular. First time I have seen this type of thing happening.

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