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With a 600 yd zero and still around 1300+ ft/lbs of energy at that distance I suppose Bambi or Yogi might never know what hit them or care, but how much edible meat around the impact/wound channel at regular hunting distances is going to be affected? (it just blew out Bambi's entire left shoulder... still something we can eat on tho).

2740 ft/lb muzzle energy. Down to 1000 ft/lbs at 800 yds.

Hunting big game?
Sure. It could.
But... why? (I know, why not?) 6.5-06 or .260 Rem for most ethical hunting oughta suffice with minimal over penetration. Would be fun to light a few of those 6.5x284 Normas off. And I bet that Savage will put them right where you want them.
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