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federali......Sad, very sad. Going by what information you have given us, since there were no civilians involved, other than the robber, I think your example shows how poorly NYPD and Nassau County cops are trained or relate to their training. Apparently they shot the BATFE agent without giving him a chance to identify himself or to do anything to minimize the chances of mistaken identity and getting shot. The BATFE agent was doing his job correctly and safely when he was murdered by a coupla idiots that shoulda stayed in the deli eatin' their donuts. Do we as CCW carriers need to be alert to something like this? Sure we do, but what good does it do when the cops won't give us a chance? Besides, if the robber was already on his way out of the store, there'd be no reason for a civilian to have their gun out and actively chasing him. This is not an example of how a civilian CCW made a mistake, but a prime example of why we are not safe just because the police show up. My prayers go out to the family of the BATFE agent, I hope the idiot cops get the book thrown at them.
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