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I'd say there is a way to prove cause and effect, all the champions dryfire. I've fallen off the wagon a bit, don't shoot bear enough. I still have a little spray paint dot on the basement wall I go after. When I was single I had little paper cut-out miniature IPSC targets, steel, no-shoots, hardcover and all. Stick them all over the house and go wild. The cat was more understanding than my sweet wife would be.

The naysayers to dryfire???? Why?

Etiquette is important, I don't dryfire other people's stuff and I dryfire inobservance of the 4 rules.

Rimfire, supposedly the pin in my Marvel impacts a shoulder before the chamber mouth so dryfire is not supposed to hurt it. I will also stick a spent case in the chamber.

The only other gun that I knew of that I couldn't dryfire was a CZ-52 I owned. Kills them, quick. I do not habitually dryfire my 90 year old drilling either, something about breaking a $4000 gun that no one is going to fix. I have snapcaps for the shotgun barrels so I can relieve the springs there.
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