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No, it's fact.

I randomly picked one item: RCBS .357 Carbide Sizer Die

Midway: $42.49, dealer price. UPS Ground, $15.17 from MO
Natchez: $31.99, retail price. UPS Ground, $17.99 from TN
Midsouth: $33.96, retail price. UPS Ground, $10.22 from TN

Heck, for $45 Sinclair will sell me the whole carbide set.

This was one RANDOM item. I picked it because I have a .357 set and use it often. I had no idea what the costs would be ahead of time but I buy a lot of shooting supplies and never use Midway anymore because their prices are REGULARLY so high. I could do this all day long.

In fact, I now get emails from Midway telling me I left stuff in my cart and do I want to finish the purchase? No. But the fact that they have taken this measure makes me think a lot of people are leaving items in their carts....
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