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Thanks for the replies so far. The appeal of the AR is that I could get an upper in 6.8 spc and also a 22lr upper which would be a very versatile setup that would last me a long time (I don't know if that's a good thing because then I couldn't justify other rifles as easily. :-) ).

The more I think about it, I'd want to reload for this gun anyway, and even if it were a 357, I'm still probably going to need different components anyway for best performance. So, maybe trying to share a common caliber is just not worth the effort. In that case, I'd still have to decide between an AR in 6.8 spc and a lever in 30-30. My favorite currently seems to be the markin 336xlr - can't get that one out of my head, and would match my revolvers very nicely. But, that AR is still calling to me. Ah, decisions.

Would anyway suggest a season of handgun hunting first just to see if I like it before purchasing a rifle? I don't like selling guns so whatever I wind up with, I'm planning to pass down to kids.
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