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No .223 for deer, IMO. I know many (including here) say it can and they have, doesn't mean should--especially if planning a known hunt ahead, I.e., unless as a "survival" scenario. I'd put the.30 Carbine in this same category--and am a major carbine fan but know its limitations. The.223 has more range, neither has the energy. I find the state limitation on .357 but permitting .223 very confusing. .357 is fine and similar to .30-30 up to 100 yds, maybe 125 using the right bullet/cartridge (BB etc). If there's a good chance at longer (medium) shots, the .30-30 is better choice--again especially if planning a purchase "discreetly" for a hunt,...and much better than .223, IMO. Yes, proper shot placement with "anything" will do it, but I've seen too many weekend warriors maiming game with their ARs and Mini 14s (in .223 that is). +1 on the 6.8 or even x39 if you're inclined toward those platforms. I've seen lots of maiming with other calibers/cartridges too, including .30-30, by poorly placed shots, but more with the shorter/smaller-caliber'd cartridges.
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