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I shoot southpaw and hunt deer

The .357 is at the low end of what people use to hunt deer with and so is the 5.56 X 45. A .44 mag, 454 Casull, 30 30, or other more powerful levergun would be better suited for that task.

I used right handed bolt guns years ago and now wouldn't own one for any reason. In Oregon where I hunt the ranges animals are taken vary from long spitting distance to as far as you're willing to shoot. I prefer short handy rifles that are accurate and flat shooting enough for long ranges.

Used Rem 700 lefties can be found under $400 from time to time in .270, 3006, etc and often will shoot under 1-1/2".

If you're content to restricted rangess (under 200) then the right lever gun might suit you.

An AR is a wonderful gun to own so if you want one bad enough get a Stag lefty. I hunted with mine but never shot a deer with it.
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