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We have muzzle sweeps all over...
Orange tape indicator on magazines but some sort of live ammo "dinging" the down range metal plates...
Yes, you do and for good reason. You can't have FOF training without muzzle sweeps of the opposition, just as it is in real life. As noted, the rounds are simunitions.

I also note that while showing the throat impacts, the bg never fights back...
They are going through demonstration moves. You get the same sorts of behaviors with various forms of martial arts. This is normal instruction/demonstration behavior. Basically, you slow walk through the moves almost like learning dance steps. Speed can be added with familiarity of the moves. As you become more and more familiar with going through the moves, the opposition partner can increase his/her level of opposition.

I am highly suspect that this ain't the best training in the nation...
No, it isn't a good training video at all. Why? Because it isn't a training video. It is an advertisement about the class that is showing segments of what is taught in the class.

But the round is making the trip from muzzle to target pretty dern fast so I suspect the speed pretty high making a close range shot pretty painful...
Sure. When you get nailed, you know it. Paintballs hurt at close range as well. I don't think I would be allowing contact against the throat with the muzzle of a simunition gun, however, not without throat protection.

What are they trying to prove standing beside the target. I dont care what type of ammo they are using its still dangerous and pointless. And makes them look like asses.
Various folks at places like Tactical Response (James Yeager) and some others (Ken Hackathorn) consider this to be a sort of gunfire innoculation. The object is to give the students experience with being shot towards (not at, but towards) such that the experience in real life won't be a new event and hence the student will be able to response better when it does happen, or so the theory goes. I don't know if they still do or not, but the military used to do the same thing with firing machineguns over the heads and backs of soldiers low crawling under barbed wire with real ammo.
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