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Which deer hunting rifle - lever 357 or AR15

Hey all - I've missed this last deer season because, well, I had a kid. :-) So, I've got plenty of time to get ready for the next one, and I'm trying to decide which rifle I should get. I don't have any yet. I do shoot handguns and have a few in 357. I'm also a lefty, so I'm trying to pick a rifle that is ambidexterous, so no bolt actions for me (even though I think they rock). I live in the south east with lots of small deer running around, so I have been thinking that a lever action in 357 would suit me very well and go with current collection, but I've started developing a thing for an AR15. HELP! :-) I also wouldn't mind a lever action in 30-30 as well.

Or if any of you lefties can talk me into a bolt action, that would open up lots of possibilities, but I don't want a left handed bolt since other people in my family will one day use this rifle.

Or, maybe I should just work on handgun technique this year and give it a try with a 357 handgun. :-)
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