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I've ordered from them on several occasions and had no complaints.

The only issue I ever had with them was when I tried to buy some dummy steel 6.5x55 rounds on a phone order. The person taking the order wanted me to fax my DL to prove I was old enough to buy ammunition. I tried repeatedly to explain that it wasn't ammuntion, that it was just solid pieces of steel shaped like ammunition but either she didn't understand or didn't care. I finally gave up since I didn't feel like faxing my DL when it really wasn't required.

I agree that ordering something on Christmas Eve is not a recipe for rapid receipt. If I were to place an order on Christmas Eve from a relatively small business, I would figure that was more or less identical to placing the order on 2 Jan and start counting from there.
Their charging of my CC is not automated, as I purchased it, never got my shipping quote, and it was nicked two days later.
Yeah, so the person who does the accounting/finances may still be at work, but the persons who answer CS requests and ship orders may be on vacation. Happens this time of year. I work at a large company--over 5K employees at the facility where I'm employed and if you were trying to get hold of someone between Christmas & New Years you'd be pretty much out of luck. The facility is pretty much shut down for the entire period.
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