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Not even close.
I agree. It is the BEST pointing handgun you'll ever hold.

I heartily disagree with those who say its difficult to take apart. The Remington 51 is one of the easiest pistols to disassemble, (and no tools needed)
You gotta be kidding me!! I agree with the best pointing aspect, but that gun is nowhere near as easy to take apart as the Browning 1910.

I've worked on many of each and I guarantee I can have five 1910s apart and back together before you can do even one Model 51. (I'm talking about a complete down to pins and springs disassembly. For a field strip, I could probably do two to your one.)

And, like it or not, that separate breechblock in the 51 is a relatively fragile part, and totally unneccessary for the .380.

The little 1910 is one of the best small pocket .380s you can carry in your pants pocket and not worry about something snagging on the way out

And, although I don't recommend it, the extremely positive nature of its safeties make it relatively safe to carry with a round in the chamber.

So, yeah, I would say it's very close.

If only that company in Texas had gone ahead with their plan to remake them about 20 years ago.
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