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not for me but..........

A bolt .44 carbine is not for me, I want a lever or a semi.

But........a .44 carbine is a dandy woods rifle. Short light handy, easy up and down trees, off ATV, out of the truck. My Dad started killing deer with a Win 94 in .44 mag back in the 1970's. I bought a Ruger auto in the 1980's and another a few years back. Both the tube feed models.

Dad used Rem 240 JHP. I used that load a bit in my autos, but they both show a distinct preference for lighter bullets. I now shoot 200gr Hornady reloads on our 125-150 lb deer with no trouble. Occasionally no exit, but very destructive. Found 180's a bit too explosive at carbine speed. Never lost a deer, but the 200 stick together much better.

If my rifles shot the heavy bullets acceptably, I'd use them, but they do not.
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