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Is this a good training vid?
Yes and No;

When I was a range officer with the Anchorage Police Dept. we did a lot of identical training in Firearms and Officer Safety.


We didn't use real guns. they make little blue or other colored hard rubber pistols for just about any type service revolver/pistols LEOs carry. We used those.

It is valuable training. I remember once, having a bandit in a choke hold with my left arm, and covered his partner who was swinging a chain, with my Servicer Revolver with the other.

Believe it or not, its hard to hold a sight picture when you are holding someone who is flopping around. Talk about "point shooting" all you want, but sights are pretty handy when you want to keep someone on the other end of a 15 foot chain swinging around, away from you.

Yes, valuable training, but you aren't loosing that much if you are using dummy guns. The safety aspect out weights the bit you loose by not using real guns. What that training really does, more then anything else, is makes the officer THINK.

A side note, such training really stresses the need for practice with one hand (left and right) training. Something few cops practice. Knowing that they seldom have both hands free.

If I was to have to come up with a number, I'd say 90% of your defensive pistol practice should be with one hand, 60 with the weak hand and 30% with the strong hand.
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