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Mr kraigwy

Thank you for the information on the CMP
I would like to ask several questions about it.

The clinics use M1s, Springfields, Military Sporters, Carbines and Modern Military rifles.

Does the clinic offer a class for handling and shooting handguns, particularly those with relatively smaller calibers, like .22LR and 9mm?
I'm a big fan of military rifles and would like to try them, but I've been mainly practicing with handgun airsofts, so I would like to try handguns to see the results of the practice with my airsofts.
I put on CMP GSM Clinics as well as High Power Rifle and NRA Pistol Clinics.

So yes I can do pistol as well as rifle. These are not sefl defense classes, but DO teach "FIREARM SAFETY" and Marksmanship fundamentals for both rifle and pistol.

To my knowledge, there is no requirement to be a citiizen to attend these clinics as long as your are in the country legally. I will check to make sure if interested.

I am interested, so could you please check?
I did check with the Chief Operations Officer of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) and they have no rules against NON Cititizen Attending their Clinics. So that isn't a problems, also there is no federal or state (Wyoming) laws preventing me from conducting a clinic for non-citizen tourist. Nor is there any laws preventing you from using my rifles and pistols during this clinic.

The cost of the clinic is $20, (total, to be spit ammong the shooters) plus ammo.

Does this mean that the clinic is basically a group class?
If it is, how many students join the clinic?
Also, is there a private clinic, i.e. clinic where one instructor teaches one student?
My clinics very in size from 1 to 8 people. If I have more then that I like to spit them to keep the numbers down. No rules state that I can't spit the clinics into two or more class to keep the numbers down.

The total CMP fee is $20, that means $20 or one or ten students. Ammo is per use, meaning you only pay for what you use, and it on a "cost" basic. You pay acutal cost (what the CMP Charges for the ammo). I do not sell ammo or guns, nor do I rent guns, though I do have several to choose from for your use.

The reason why I consider the private clinic is, even though I'll probably be able to understand what are taught in the clinic
there may be times when I want to confirm and ask things which are obvious to native speakers of English.
I have no problem with that, I do not and will not move to another topic until all students understand the present topic. So that wont be a problem. You'll learn and understand "A" before we move on to "B".

I know this sounds somewhat stupid, but the safety is a priority, and I'd rather take it slow and make everything clear when I take a class that involves the handling of firearms.
No Sir: it does not sound stupid at all, I whole heartely agree. I set three goals, SAFETY, Making sure each and every student leans and can demistrate the 4 basic rules of firearm safety, Fundamentals: Each and every student learns the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. and FUN: I want each student to enjoy the experience.

My main goal is to further Shooting Sports, to do accomplish that it has to be SAFE, A learning Experiecne, and enjoyable. I want students to want to continue in the game of shooting sports, making it a life time hobby, and to pass that knowledge on to othere.

The future of Shooting Sports is in new shooters.

I would also like to know how long each clinic is.
If it is a single day deal, could you arrange the clinic that stretches a couple to several days
That's up to you. If you can do it in one day, or if you want a few days.

I do not want anyone to leave my class unless they have a complete understanding of the Four Basic Rules fo Firearms Safety, and a Knowledge of Marksmanship Fundamentals.

It it takes a week, then so be it.

Please understand, these clinics will not make you an expert marksman, they will give you the basic knowledge and understanding you need to start toward that goal. Becoming an expert marksmen will require you continue with hard work and practice. The limiting factor is the individual and how far he/she wants to go and if they are willing to put in the time and effort toward that goal.

Before considering the clinics above, I would sugest you PM me and I will provide you with my background (training and experience) so you can determine if I meet your qualifications as an instructor.
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