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If this was WITHOUT wife, all alone, draw and fire is more reasonable. With wife, too much opportunity to get her killed in a gun fight.

If there is only one, and I am alone, I pocket carry right front pocket. I can reach for the gun telling him let me get my wallet, don't shoot, acting like a real wimp and come out with a block to the gun with my left arm and right arm plants in his solar plexus and shoots. That is actually what our CCW instructor taught us and he is about 6'2, 240 and 20 years as an MP in the Army with combat experience. That was his last resort ploy to deploy his handgun and gain a tactical surprise.

However, two shooters, I assume both armed, you are crazy to not just give your wallet and let the creeps go away. My pastors wife was robbed recently at gun point. She gave her purse, he ran away. That is what will happen the majority of time.

Looking for the opportunity to just open up firing is not always the best survival method. We should be ready to just give the wallet and de-escalate if possible. However, if you know that the muggers MO is to shoot and kill the victim perhaps by a recent spate of crimes, then that is different. Feign the wallet trick and shove the snubbie in the belly pointed slightly up and fight for your life. Most muggings don't end in death of the victim. All depends on how you read the situation. If the impression you have is that it is going to be more than a robbery, protect yourself anyway you can.

Otherwise, if all the creep wants is your money, just give it to him and both of you have the opportunity to get right with the Lord one more day.
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