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Turkish Mauser can be a broad term. Yes , they did receive a lot of German made Mauser. They have used '95 , '96 (small ring) and '98 (large ring) models , and have chambered all for the 8x57. But the earlier models were not as strong as the '98. Plus they made their own at Ankara , and these were not a true '98 pattern. Dimensionally , they're all over the place. They also have a reputation for rather soft steel. I've read several books on Mausers , including Robert Ball's Military Mausers of the World. I wouldn't waste my time and money , and risk my pretty face making a Turk into anything but a lamp or wall hanger. There's plenty of better rifles and actions , true '98s , out there.

BTW , the Yugo 24/47 is an excellent quality rifle , but uses a somewhat shorter action than a 'German' 98 action. They cannot be used for conversion to an -06 length cartridge.

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