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You give them the money and hope that ends the situation since your wife is there and they have two against one and they are already drawn on you. Same with the knife issue.

Two without guns, draw and shoot if you feel your life is in grave and imminent threat of death or grave bodily injury. It all depends on the threat. Give me your wallet sort of thing, or give me your wallet or I will kill you sort of approach. You could throw them your wallet as a distraction, and then draw while they go for the wallet.

In any case, if it is a low probability survival as in the drawn gun or knife scenario, give them the wallet and purse and call 911. In the other situation, it depends on how aggressive the creeps are and what your instinct says about whether they will inflict bodily harm. You could still be overpowered by the two who then take your gun away from you and use it against you. CCW only gives you a modicum of protection and if the creeps are only there for the wallet, give it to them, be a good witness and don't put yourself in that sort of situation in the future.
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