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the late hunt in the Verdigre Unit in northeast NE. A couple of units here are split into early and late seasons to break up the pressure. I prefer the late hunt, for a couple of reasons, first the weather is a little more dependable, second more people are hunting the early season trying to be the first at the toms, and third and most important, the main part of the mating season is over. The toms will come to calls a lot easier when they are actively looking for the last few hens they haven't bred than when they are surrounded by them. The guys that rush out for the opening weekend are not only competing against all the other early hunters, but trying to convince a tom that a bird in the bush is worth two in the hand It just aint that easy.
I use a technique similar to Jack Straw, but I limit the variety of calling a little more, just trying to sound like a lonely hen or maybe a couple of hens rather than a whole flock. If and when you get an answer you do have to try and figure out what he will respond to to get him in and that is when the fun really starts.
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