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Thanks for all the replies guys.

Kraigwy, what elevation were you calculating your 200 SMKs for? I expect a higher elevation would get a 200 to a mile supersonic.

BlackOps 2: I have slightly considered the 338 RUM but that means I am slightly concerned about barrel life in one of those.
The 6.5x47 looks good but the 7mm is probably going to have a higher BC.

Here is the thing; I could have a barrel chambered for .338 LM but the brass is so darn expensive as BlackOps 2 mentioned.
I COULD get one but I would be burning holes in my wallet.

My plan is for PAC Nor to chamber me a chrome moly match barrel in the M24 contour either for 7mm or .300 WM with polygonal rifling, and then have that barrel shipped off to get melonite/QPQ treated to extend the barrel life even further than the polygonal rifling will.

So right now I am just getting ideas of what to chamber the barrel too.

Has anyone tried a .338 Win Mag and added heavy match bullets to it?
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