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Mr kraigwy

Thank you for the information on the CMP
I would like to ask several questions about it.

The clinics use M1s, Springfields, Military Sporters, Carbines and Modern Military rifles.
Does the clinic offer a class for handling and shooting handguns, particularly those with relatively smaller calibers, like .22LR and 9mm?
I'm a big fan of military rifles and would like to try them, but I've been mainly practicing with handgun airsofts, so I would like to try handguns to see the results of the practice with my airsofts.

To my knowledge, there is no requirement to be a citiizen to attend these clinics as long as your are in the country legally. I will check to make sure if interested.
I am interested, so could you please check?

The cost of the clinic is $20, (total, to be spit ammong the shooters) plus ammo.
Does this mean that the clinic is basically a group class?
If it is, how many students join the clinic?
Also, is there a private clinic, i.e. clinic where one instructor teaches one student?
The reason why I consider the private clinic is, even though I'll probably be able to understand what are taught in the clinic
there may be times when I want to confirm and ask things which are obvious to native speakers of English.
I know this sounds somewhat stupid, but the safety is a priority, and I'd rather take it slow and make everything clear when I take a class that involves the handling of firearms.

I would also like to know how long each clinic is.
If it is a single day deal, could you arrange the clinic that stretches a couple to several days, for example handgun on first day, then rifle on second day, and so on?
Traveling overseas is not something that I can do very often, so I would like to stay several days and make the most of it.

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