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Gunsite Training Center

B. public transportations are available.
Since I won't have a car during the visit, nor can I drive, I would have to rely on train/bus/taxi to move between the hotel and the range.
C. the climate is moderate in February and March.
This is because I'm planning to take 5 days to a week off of my work somewhere around that time if my schedule allows.
D. there is a store which carries items necessary for shooting.
B. Gunsite has one or two lodges right outside the ranch gate that caters to students.
C. 70-80F around that time of year.
D, They have a store on-site that will sell you whatever you need including ammo, ear protection, hats, elbow & knee pads, holsters, etc. And the school will rent you a pistol w/o (am guessing just about anything you might want: 1911, SIG, Glock, Beretta, S&W, etc) a problem.
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