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I regularly carry a spare 642 in my vest pocket, made for that purpose. It's made by Bratwear and has swade ubove the pockets, including the collar. It's a little dressier than the typical ccw vest, and I wear it a lot.

It enables me to secure my primary weapon in my vehicle and I'm still armed. Like when I have doctor, or other appointments, where I have to take it off, it's always right there with me in the same room.

Various nurses, Xray or Ultrasound technicians are always trying to be helpful. Like the time: " Let me take that for you, I'll just hang it, that's heavy, what's in here, a gun, now just lay down over here on your side and we'll be done in a jiffy, Mr. Wells.

It is kind of heavy with a 642, couple of speed loaders, a cell phone, pepper spray and numerous other items (it has lots of pockets).

Now I try to make sure that I'm the only one to handle it and hang it up myself, then put it on immediately when I'm done.
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