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Sorry about the delay. Christmas has been busy as I have been working right through and training staff.
I will try and post some photos in a couple of days of the harmonica rifle and a pistol also made by Brian Redwood. I don't have access at work to load up photos.

Just briefly. I managed to see Brian just before he headed away for Christmas. He told me he made twenty rifles for the TV series Greenstone. Ten were functioning and ten were not. He said it would have been easy enough to make them all work.
My gun is one of the firing ones and features an anodised aluminium receiver and solid brass magazine. He has given me an extra magazine and a punch for punching out the large pistol primers used in the magazine. mine has a non functional peep sight. The lead actors gun had a functional peep sight.

The magazine chambers are in .44 calibre, but the barrel is .45 as it was made out of heavy walled 7/16 tube. Not a problem for a blank firing movie gun. A friend of mine has had the gun at a local Mountain Man black powder shoot this last week to demonstrate it. I did note at Brians factory that the trigger is very sensitive and a good tap on the stock will make the gun fire! I'll need to check the sear engagement.

I will post up a series of photos showing the action working and some close ups. As the trigger guard lever is cranked, the magazine is cammed in and the whole magazine feed mechanism rocks and moves forward to seal the magazine against the barrel, so it is interesting to play with.

I also photographed a prototype single shot pistol that Brian made as an initial concept for the film job. It uses a chamber that pops out to the side as the trigger guard is rotated and the chamber can be unscrewed to load and replace the cap. I recorded a video of Brian firing a blank in this in his factory.
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