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Henry Mare's Leg .22

Henry sent me their Mare’s Leg for T&E review. This model is chambered for .22 Long Rifle, .22 Long and .22 Short cartridges.

The Mare’s Leg features a large loop lever, perfect for large hands or while wearing gloves.

The smooth American Walnut stock and forearm and richly blued barrel make for a very attractive firearm.

Out at the range temperature was 60° F. Variable winds 8 -12 mph. CCI and Federal ammunition was accumulated for the test.

50% sized B-27 Silhouette

All groups were 10 shots at 10 yards, standing.

5 rounds benched at 20 yards

There is a lot of fun plinking with a .22 rimfire and even more so with a lever action. It ate all the different lengths of .22 ammo tested with no malfunctions - 22 Short, Long and LR. It is kind of awkward to try and shoot; can’t really hold it like a handgun and the stock isn’t long enough to shoulder it like a rifle. I found that if I rested the buttstock against my check like you would do with a full length stock it does provide an ample amount of stability for a close range shot.

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