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Professional Ordinance, bought by Bushmaster

Not quite sure where this subject should go, maybe the art of the rifle. I am new to the AR world and am looking to buy a used Corbon AR-15 with a handful of mags, a nice scope (I think ) and a carrying case for $1000.00 exactly. It is from my brother, he said he paid 1200 for it and added the scope, some mags, and a cheap case. My brother has been known, even with family members, to sell things for more than they are worth. I saw this gun and have a picture I can show you guys. Of course I am new at these things so anything that was shaped like it I would have liked. It has the Fluted staiinless barrel, as plasitic but not collapsable but stock, and that's about all I know about it. It was a Professional ordinance, which has been bought out by Bushmaster. Just throwing this out there if anyone knows something about them, I'd appreciate it. OH, I am not made of money so I was going to give him half down, then make 200 dollar a month payments. That's pretty good, except I don't get the rifle until I pay the entire balance. (my own brother!) Here is the URL to 2 pictures, you wil have to copy and paste it in the browser window:

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