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I've considered slipping my Model 36 in the inside pocket of my Carhartt Jacket on occassion, but with my luck I'd do exactly what you did. Glad it turned out ok for you, I'm going to guess lesson learned.

But now I have another problem. I bought a S&W 625-5 4 inch long 45 Colt
and I can't find anything except the holster I got with it that will hold it. I thought my biggest fanny pack would hold it but it won't. I have a pouch built into one of my vehicles that will hold it, but I got to find something that will work for it.
I'm would think almost any holster for the model 629 will work for the 625. I have a 25-5 that is basically a model 29 bored out to .45 Colt. I would love to have a 25-5 in a 4" barrel though, mine is 8 3/8".

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