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WayneInFla: The revolver slipped out as I was walking out the door, bounced off my foot as I stepped forward, and skittered 15 or 20 feet across the parking lot. I looked around 360 degrees as discreetly as possible, and no one seemed to notice. I picked it up and continued out to my car.
Your incident reminds me of one other incident that happened to me. I normally do not carry in a fanny pack, when I do, rule #1 is it should always be attached to my belt. Rule #2 is that every zipper on it should always be zipped up, but that day I unzipped it just a bit in the parking lot and did not zip it back up. After going to the bathroom I failed to secure the fanny pack on my belt, and hand carried it from the bathroom and a 38 slid out on the floor. Fortunately it was in a store I frequent a lot, not at some crowded shopping mall. So after that I added those two rules if I happen to use a fanny pack. Some fanny packs that have zippers on the bottom best be zipped up tight before you move anywhere.
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