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It's the ignition that starts the problem.

A friend of mine, asked me to pull a load, using a screw jag, on the rifle that was loaded with Pyrodex, for five years. After pulling the sabot projectile and breaking up the caked powder, I dumped the powder on a concrete slab and ignited it. It ignited just fine. Cleaned the barrel and found no signs of rust.

There is a complicated chemical reaction when you ignite BP of Pyrodex. Have been told that chemists have a hard time explaining it. What is well know, is the that when ignited, various "Salts" are produced and that is what starts eating your barrel. ....

Once saw a poster in a dentists that had a picture of a slice of cherry pie. The caption read; "Fve minutes after eating me; I start eating your teeth" ..
The same can be said of BP and Pyrodex. ....

Be Safe !!!
'Fundamental truths' are easy to recognize because they are verified daily through simple observation and thus, require no testing.
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