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Handguns don't win wars
Well, if we used .45's, maybe they would. Joe Stalin sure wouldn't have crossed the Oder if we had 'em. Didn't some guy shoot down a Zero with one? Heck, that's real knockdown power. What it knocks down, I'm not sure, but in a magical world where unicorns do all the reloading, I suppose it makes sense to spend billions of dollars on new guns, factory tooling, training, armorer support, and ammunition just to appease someone's sense of nostalgia.

The sheer logistical nightmare is staggering to consider. Really, has anyone here ever tried to find .45 ammunition outside North America? It ain't easy. Even if the 9mm was as woefully incapable of killing anything as some folks claim, there's no real impetus to switch.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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