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Of course it's your's to do with as you see fit, but something to think about. You're gonna re-barrel it with the attendent fitting by a 'smith, drill and tap the receiver for scope mounts, alter the bolt handle to clear a scope, probably replace the trigger, blue the whole thing, then need mounts for the action, probably then want a proper stock to set the whole thing in. I came up when the process was cheap, often starting with a $25 rifle. I still have a couple of actions and will probably build a couple more for myself before I lock up the shop for the last time. You might consider a Savage in the chosen caliber, or if not available it's easy to change the barrel yourself with a couple of tools that are easy to buy. As I said, your choice, but you might want to think about it. Come to think about it, I presume your rifle is 8mm which tho not so popular nowadays ain't no slouch. Goatwhiskers
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