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Not looking for anything related to concealed carry
If one wants a book that strickly deals with marksmanship fundamentals I think it would be hard to beat the AMU Service Pistol Guide, whopping price of $6.95

Put out by the CMP/AMU writen by the best shooters in the world.

This is one handed shooting, but it stressed the Fundamentals including the mental game. Many think its not relevent to other aspects of pistol/revolver shooting but fundamentals are fundamentals which is transfered to all other aspects of pistol marksmanship.

If one is looking for a book that teaches you to shoot MoB (minute of barn) at 3 feet, without sights, this book isn't what your looking for.

If you're looking for a good solid foundation that allows you to move on to other venues of pistol shooting, then this book is well worth the $6.95 the CMP charges.
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