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Mossberg 500A Question

Hello out there in Shotgun Land!

I just bought myself a used 18.5" 12ga. 500A for home defense.

I purchased this used gun instead of a Chinese clone of something else for about the same money.

Anyway, what I have here is I believe a very early production unit because the serial #996XX has only the 5 digits with no letters. It also has "Police Gun" stamped on the barrel after all the chamber info.

Not ever laying a hand on one of these before sent me to youtube where I found a disassembly video. I take mine apart and I notice that it does not have a firing pin return spring like the one I saw in the video. Mine is just in there floating around. Being scared of accidental drop discharge and the dreaded potential slamfire, my question is what would it take to convert mine to the current spec with the firing pin return spring. My only concern is the safety aspect of this. This shotgun will function just fine as it is.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!!

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