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Mr Nyanko

The Civilian Marksmanship program has a GSM Clinic, often referred to as a Garand Clinic.

To attend the clinic the attendee has to sign an affidavite stating:

A) The person has not been convicted of any Federal or State felony or violation of section 922 of title 18.

B) The person is not a member of any organization that advocates the violent overthrow of the United States Government.

The affidavate also is a waiver or hold harmless agreement.

These local or club clinics provide firearm safety training and an introduction to target and range firing. The CMP sanctions these clinics when sponsoring clubs submit an application and a $20.00 sanctioning fee. The CMP provides instructional materials, low-cost ammunition.

The clinics use M1s, Springfields, Military Sporters, Carbines and Modern Military rifles.

I am a CMP-GSM Master Instructor and do conduct Clinics and Matches. The course of fire is either 30 or 40 rounds depending on which course fired.

To my knowledge, there is no requirement to be a citiizen to attend these clinics as long as your are in the country legally. I will check to make sure if interested.

The cost of the clinic is $20, (total, to be spit ammong the shooters) plus ammo. The cost of the ammo is dependant on what course you wish to fire. Normally it would be about 50 cents a round.

I do provide limited loaner rifles for my clinics at no cost. The clinic can be completed in one day. It will teach Gun Safety, Positions, Marksmanship fundamentals.

My range is in Newcastle WY in the Black Hills, near such attractions as Mount Rushmore, Jewel Cave NM, Wind Cave National Park, Deadwood, just to name a few.

This would make a great vacation to go along with your clinic.

I do not charge for this clinic. You spit the $20 fee, plus pay for the ammo (which would be between $15 and $20 per shooter). You have the choice of firing on my personal range (no cost) or our club range which would charge a $5 range fee.

This web site gives you more information on the clinics.

PM me if you are interested.
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