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leadchucker I had assumed that the ATF might want to verify serial numbers and such, and therefore they would want to actually look at your firearms, and not just the bound book. This might be especially true if they found discrepancies in your bound book. Wrong?
For some reason Federal law does not require ATF to verify guns vs. bound book entries. All that is required for an audit of a C&R is your bound book itself.

emcon5 I would never do such a thing, but how would ATF do this? There is no reporting requirement for multiple rifle sales for FFL to FFL transfers that I have ever heard of, the only record would be in the wholesaler's bound book, which only goes to ATF if the FFL closes.
During a compliance inspection the ATF IOI will review bound book entries. Its pretty obvious when my bound book shows multiple dispositions going to the same customer on the same day. You might get lucky and the IOI not notice or not care. I wouldn't wat to risk the IOI who's looking for Brownie points.

I suppose an ATF Agent could notice during a regular audit of the distributor, but considering how many guns the bigger shops move, that would be like a needle in a haystack.
I had my first compliance inspection in three years last September....the IOI found the transaction involving the twelve Mosins in about four minutes. It's pretty easy since multiple entries of the same firearm appear one right after the other. All he had to do was thumb through about sixty pages and oops there it is.

I did one transaction of 100 stripped AR lowers to a single customer (ATF is sending him a "you better not be dealing in firearms" letter) He inherited quite a sum of cash from his grandmother and a friend advised him to invest in AR lowers since Obama was going to outlaw them. (that boat sailed in 2009) The guy paid around $63 each for those lowers plus shipping.........Palmetto State Armory is selling them this past week for under $50. Some friend
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