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Oral Arguments have been tentatively scheduled in Lane v. Holder:

12/30/2011 34 CASE TENTATIVELY CALENDARED for oral argument during the 3/20/12 - 3/23/12 argument session. Notify Clerk's Office of any scheduling conflict by: 01/09/2012 [11-1847] (JLE)
This is in the 4th CCOA.

What makes this very interesting is that orals in the en banc Nordyke is scheduled for around the 9th of March in the 9th CCOA, and ...

Peterson v. LaCabe will hear their continued (2nd round) oral argument on or about March 19th in the 10th CCOA.
SIDE NOTE: In the order for the next round of orals, the panel has set aside an additional 10 minutes to hear from the amici curiae.

There were 3 amici to this action: NRA Civil Defense Fund; Brady Center; and CalGuns/SAF. As yet what we don't know is if the court will hear from all three or two or one... And which ones. John Monroe (Gray's attorney) is waiting for clarification from the court.
March will be a busy month for gun rights in the Circuit Courts.
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