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Occasionally I will carry in my jacket inner chest pocket. I have a little holster that holds it nice and snug in the pocket. This is easy access and practically undetectable. Today when shopping at the home improvement store I took my jacket off and set it on the cart. As I continued shopping I left the cart to go check various lumber. I was gone about five minutes before I realized something was amiss... I felt something was wrong and then realized.... stupid, stupid, stupid....

It was still there and I was quite happy... about that anyway

I am sure that is what I would do if I carried in a winter jacket. I stick to a paddle holter for my CA 44 Spl and a pocket holster for my S&W 38 Spl. I have plenty of pouches, meidcal pouches and plenty of fanny packs. I am scared to death of losing a gun so thats why I won't carry a fanny pack unless it is tied into my belt, nothing I can accidentally leave behind.

But now I have another problem. I bought a S&W 625-5 4 inch long 45 Colt
and I can't find anything except the holster I got with it that will hold it. I thought my biggest fanny pack would hold it but it won't. I have a pouch built into one of my vehicles that will hold it, but I got to find something that will work for it.

Yep you are lucky. I made a mistake once of leaving mine in a bathroom and a close friend at the business where I was found it, so I lucked out. I learned my lesson from that, so if I have to remove it while in the bathroom I keep it in sight, keep telling myself gun gun gun, and it works for me not to forget and not put it back on my belt in a paddel holster.
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