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"To me at least and I believe there are many concepts that make it UNLIKE martial arts. The danger of associating shooting to other martial arts too closely is that our job is NOT to anticipate anything as far as the actual firing sequence goes. And unlike other sports where trying "harder" usually means more speed more power more effort we are trying to hold steady, consistent in the firing sequence at least. Letting the usual ways of trying "harder" creep into your firing sequence and it will move your shots around. It's not natural to hold steady in the face of an explosion, to suppress flinches and reactions. "

Agreed, I think that that is a large part of my problem with rifle shooting. Today my dad and I were dusting clays all afternoon, because it's more of an "action" type of shooting, I don't anticipate the trigger break, even though the 12 gauge recoil is worse than that on my Mauser. I also shot up some cans with the Ruger Mark II I mentioned earlier, and noticed that at the beginning I still exhibited a slight flinch. A couple mags in and that was gone. I was still hitting the cans mind you... just to the left and slightly low.

Rifle shooting is a mental game and requires precision control of every muscle in the body. I like it because it has a sort of calming "zen" feel to it, in that I am able to focus on just this one thing, and in fact I have to if I want to shoot well. I will most definitely acquire a .22 bolt rifle this next year when I can afford it.
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