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Dating my father's JC Higgins 16GA Shotgun

Hi all. I recently inherited a few guns from my dad who was an avid hunter in his younger years. I personally know nothing about guns and have been seeking couIncil from friends and family as well as a local dealer. I wanted to get a little more info on one his guns before deciding what to do with it. It is a Sears Roebuck JC Higgins 583.2 16 Gauge Bolt action shot gun. I recall my father had one gun when I was growing up that had been handed down from his father, but my brother does not recall that story. And the other guns were definately not old enough. Wondering if anyone knows when this was manufactured. I don't want to be selling something that perhaps should be kept as a family heirloom. I did see that the 583.2 12 gauge was recalled, but this is a 16 guage. And I have n't been able to find a date for this particular gauge and model. Best I can tell, there isn't much resale value for these guns (around $100? does that sound right? dealer would only give me about 60% of retail). I don't have a LTC, so if I decide to keep this, I'll end up entrusting it to a family member to store for me indefinately as I would only be keeping it to hand down to another generation.
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